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Recommended Vendors

We proudly work with the top professionals in the industry.  We have worked with these teams extensively and they share our commitment to excellence.

Bridgeport Conference Center

Contact: Amber Crimm

Tel: 304-808-3000

Web: Click Here

Aladdin Food


Contact: Kathy Basagic

Tel: 304-367-4090
Web: Click Here

Meadow Mountain Catering

Contact: Terry Hartley

Tel: 304-685-1711

Web: Click Here

Fish Hawk Acres

Contact: Dale Hawkins

Tel: 304-473-7741

Web: Click Here

Gibson Gourmet

Contact: Dana Gibson

Tel: 304-598-8885
Web: Click Here


Tel: 304-363-3190

Web: Click Here

Aquarium Lounge


Contact: Erica

Tel: (304) 534-7746

EvenTent Clarksburg


Tel: 304-576-9963

Web: Click Here

MPE Morgantown

Contact: Heather

Tel: 304-296-6155

Web: Click Here

All Occasion Rentals

Contact: Jon Campbell

Tel: 412-596-1626

The Mustard Couch
Contact: Beth

Contact: Beth

Tel: (304) 906-5592

W Rental & Events


Tel: 304-300-6035

Web: Click Here

Elite Bridal and Events

Tel: 304-292-4020

Web: Click Here

Unique Creations

Contact: Michael Romeo

Tel: 304-669-2925

Perennial Floral
Contact: Robin Wood

Tel: 304-366-2007

Web: Click Here

Bella Fiore

Tel: 304-381-4697

Christ Episcopal Fairmont
Tel: 304-366-3471
First Baptist Fairmont
Contact: Pastor Val Gettings
Tel: 304-366-2391
C'Anna Keffer
Tel: 304-612-4844
Lucky Day Services
Contact: Kara Knight
Tel: 304-546-8265
Marion County Transit
Contact: Jeff Mullenex
Tel: 304-366-8177
Inn at Pettyjohn


Tel: 304-363-0100

Web: Click Here

Hampton Inn Fairmont

Tel: 304-363-4999

Web: Click Here

Microtel Inn & Suites

Tel: 304-363-3100

Web: Click Here

Fairfield Inn & Suites Fairmont

Tel: 304-367-9150

Web: Click Here

Wedding Planners
W Events

Tel: 304-300-3035

Web: Click Here

Paige Robinson

Tel: 304-694-5339

Kuirsta + Seth

Contact: Kuirsta Williams

Tel: 317-512-3594

Web: kuirstaandseth.com

Amberlee Christey Photography


Contact: Amberlee Christey

Tel: 304-216-5903

Web: amberleechristey.com

Tim Ray Photography


Contact: Tim Ray

Tel: (304) 363-8395

Web: http://timrayphoto.com

Steven Dray Images


Contact: Steven Dray

Tel: (724) 841-5239

Web: stevendrayimages.com

MotionWorks Video

Contact: Rebecca Morgan

Tel: (304) 276-1768

Web: wvmotionworks.com

Anne Schooley

Tel: (304) 363-3758

Web: Click Here

Jonathan Schooley

Tel: (304) 390-8374

Josh Stubbs

Tel: (304) 540-550-8604

Web: wvmotionworks.com

The Trillium Piano Trio

Contact: Cynthia Puls

Tel: (304) 422-0509

Web: Click Here

Funomenon Entertainment

Tel: (304) 692-6526

Web: Click Here

TK the DJ

Tel: (724) 626-8997

Web: Click Here

Doc Vincent

Tel: (304) 366-7625

Web: Click Here

Ballroom Dance

Contact: Olivia Bown

Tel: (681) 758-9938